Advantage Trident

TridentGroup offers a fast-paced environment with great opportunities to grow. Our focus is not only professional enrichment but also creating an eco system for nurturing long-term relationship with our members. Being Different is Normal. Trident firmly believes in creating an environment where its members experience entrepreneurship with opportunities unlimited. We are an evolving organization that has an appetite for risk and harbours innovation. With the average age in the Company being less than 29, we believe in continuously challenging our limits while infusing new ideas by making the global best practices our way of life.

Rewards & Recognition

Employee value proposition at Trident is 'Experience Entrepreneurship with Opportunity Unlimited', and is at the core of all it's people initiatives. Trident takes great pride in its ability to nurture individuals and provide them the space and empowerment they need to hone their talent. The organization guarantees high engagement through stimulating work environment, growth-oriented roles, outstanding development opportunities, attractive compensation packages and an innovative recognition mechanism.

  • On Spot Rewards for quick pat on the back
  • Silver/Gold /Diamond Stars for Performers of the Year
  • Special quarterly rewards on occasion of Mission, Vision, Values & Green days
  • Monetary/ Non monetary business excellence Rewards for those who excel in implementing business excellence concepts like TPM, TQM, TOC & SFA
  • Besides these the organization also has special rewards for those who successfully implement CSR initiatives leveraging the social & business benefits