Trident enchants millennials and experienced professionals alike by providing them a greater leeway to explore new avenues and treating them like entrepreneurs when they succeed in those endeavours. We train our employees to develop entrepreneurial skills. It’s not just a job for them; they have the ownership and sense of responsibility towards their duty.

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What we do

We are dreamers. To fuel our vision of reaching every corner of the globe and becoming the most trusted national brand, we seek like-minded people. We believe people have potential to do great things if they are provided the right opportunities. And we are here to offer OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED.

Working at Trident

Creating the leaders of tomorrow. Trident Group offers an environment with great opportunities to grow. Our focus is not only professional enrichment but also creating an eco-system for nurturing long-term relationship with our members.

Our People

Choosing the best and treating them best. That's why we empower hand-picked talent with skills, recognition and abundant opportunities to learn and grow.

Experience life at Trident from the perspective of our very own members.

Trident is a boon for aspiring candidates. I am immensely thankful to the organization for providing ample opportunities to thousands of youngsters like me and helping them grow

Nitin Malhotra, Head, Administration



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We believe people have potential to do great things. If and only if they are provided the opportunities. If you have CHOICES to MAKE, we have OPPORTUNITIES to OFFER. We are looking for people who don’t BUCKLE under PRESSURE but thrive on it. People who TRY. FALL. FAIL. HURT. RISE with a smile on their face. People who do not simply follow the GAME, but CHANGE it for the better. People who believe Normal is boring. And BEING DIFFERENT is all about a mind set to excel. Apply now and unlock the world of unlimited opportunities with TRIDENT.

Our philosophy & values

People who don't buckle in, don't walk away. People who ooze good under pressure and smile when it rains on them. People who make bitter, better. Fix what's broken and improve what's not. People who stumble. Fall. Fail. Hurt. But are just not ready to give up until it is done. We are for these kinds of people. And we believe these people have the power to inspire all of us

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