Trident Yarn

Since 1993, the company has grown by leaps and bounds over years. Trident Yarns has come a long way and now possesses the largest spinning installation at single campus in India. Presently, Trident has an installed capacity of 5.83 lac spindles and 6464 rotors.

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Product Range

We offer an exclusive range of premium quality yarn with wide variety to choose from. Our Product Mix includes 100% Cotton, Blended Yarn, Special Open End Yarn, Organic Cotton, Core Spun Yarns, Eli-twist Yarn, Compact Yarn, Slub Yarn and an exclusive range of value added yarns like, Melanges, Package Dyed, Gassed Mercerized Yarn, Zero Twist, Wrapper Yarn, Bamboo/Cotton, Modal/Cotton, Soya/Cotton, Polyester/Cotton, BCI Cotton, BMP cotton, and 100% dyed yarn.

  • High End Shirting Application

    High End Shirting Application

    Compact Yarns - Ne 20 - Ne 135 100% Cotton
    Slub Yarns - Ne 20 - Ne 40
    Core Spun Yarns - Ne 30 - Ne 50
    100% Giza, Supima and Contamination Free High End Yarns - Ne 30- Ne 135
    Melange Yarn - Ne 20 - Ne 40 100% Cotton
    Platinum Compact Yarns - Ne 30 - Ne 135
  • Towel Applications

    Towel Applications

    Zero-twist, Wrapper - PVA based yarns - Ne 10 - Ne 20
    High end blends - Cotton/Soya, Cotton/Modal, Cotton/Tencel
  • Sheeting Applications

    Sheeting Applications

    Compact yarns
    Ne 30 - Ne 135 100% Cotton

    Parallel Yarns
    2/30 - Ne 2/135 100% Cotton

    Organic, Fair Trade, Fair Trade Organic, BCI, Egyptian, Supima, Certified Yarns.

    Cotton/Tencel, 100% Tencel, Cotton/Modal, 100% Modal, Cotton/Micro Modal, 100% Micro Modal

  • Knitting Applications

    Knitting Applications

    Melange Yarns - Ne 20 - Ne 40 [100% Cotton, Cotton/Polyester, Cotton/Viscose, Triblended Yarn, Cotton/Modal, Cotton/Micro Modal
    Platinum Compact Yarns - Ne 26 - Ne 60 100% Cotton
    Platinum Combed Yarns - Ne 20 - Ne 40 100% Cotton
    Package Dyed Yarns - Ne 20 - Ne 40
  • Denim Applications

    Denim Applications

    Core Spun Combed Yarns - Ne 16 - Ne 50
    Core Spun Carded Yarns - Ne 10 - Ne 20
    Carded Slub Yarns - Ne 8 - Ne 20
    Eli-twist Compact Yarns - Ne 2/30 - Ne 2/40
    Compact Yarns - Ne 26 - Ne 40
    High End Open End Yarns - Ne 8 - Ne 20
  • Melange


    Latest spinning technology from LMW. & Savio. Tuft Blending machine from Trutzschler, Germany for uniform blending with automatic weighing system. Winding from Savio, Italy equipped with Auto Splicer and Quantum 3 yarn clearer with FD & FL contamination clearing. LMW ring frames with auto doffing system. Slub attachment from Caipo. Dyeing in dedicated fiber dyeing facility equipped with State Of Art machines from Cubotex, Italy. Sample spinning lab for perfect shade matching.

    Types of Fancy Yarn
    Snow Melanges, Neppy Melanges, Jaspe, Slub Jaspe, Crimpy Melanges & Sparkle Melanges

    Product Range
    100% Cotton, 100% Viscose and blend of cotton with Polyester, Viscose, Modal, Tencel, Lyocel Bamboo, Wool,Flex, Silk.

    Count Range
    Ne 20-Ne 40

  • Dyed Yarn

    Dyed Yarn

    Yarn Dyeing is a process of imparting the color to the yarn. Dyed Yarn is used to create patterns of different shades in fabric. Gassed Mercerized Cotton Yarn is a special kind of cotton yarn that is more lustrous.

    Product Range
    100% Cotton Yarn, Cotton Modal, Cotton Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Slub Yarns,100% Gas Mercerized.

    Count Range
    10/1 Ne 60/1 Ne, 10/2 Ne. 80/2 Ne.

    Lot Size
    144Kg, 252Kg, 504Kg, 616Kg, 720Kg, 840Kg.



Home to the largest 100% cotton compact yarn spinning capacity under one roof. Our technology boasts of: Blowroom from Trutzchler, Ring Frame from Zinser and Murata, Compact attachments of Suessen, Testing technologies like UT 5. Trident employes 583708 spindles and 6464 rotors across locations, producing a massive capacity of 350 Mt/day.


Owing to continuous improvements and a passion to delight our customers, Trident Paper has developed a customer base across 35 countries including India, Middle East, Africa, US, Latin America and UK, among others.


Production Facilities

Sanghera Manufacturing Facility
Trident Limited, Sanghera Complex, Raikot Road, Barnala, Punjab, 148101
Telephones: 01679 - 244700 - 703 - 707
Fax: 01679 - 244708
Dhaula Manufacturing Facility
Trident Limited, Dhaula Complex, Mansa Road, Barnala, Punjab, 148101
Telephones: 01679 - 285251 - 57, 60 & 61
Fax: 01679 - 285262
Budhni Manufacturing Facility
Trident Limited, Hoshangabad Road, Budhni District - Sehore,
Madhya Pradesh - 466445, India
Tollfree: 1800 1802 999


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